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EVA waterproof film equipment
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Brand: GWELL 
Price: Negotiable 
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Delivery time: From the date of payment from the buyer within days of delivery
update time: 2021-04-20 01:00  Valid to:Long-term effective
 Gwell Machinery is a participant and developer of the CRCC (China Railway Inspection and Certification Center) standard. Wide-width PE waterproof coil equipment has several models of 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters and 8 meters wide. Meet the CRCC standard. There are many successful cases.

        China Railway Inspection and Certification Center (formerly China Railway Railway Product Certification Center) ("CRCC") was approved by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee on October 29, 2002 (Approval No. CNCA-R-2002-102), November 2002 The State-owned industrial and commercial registration, a wholly state-owned enterprise officially established in April 2003, with a registered capital of 51 million yuan, is a third-party inspection and certification institution that implements railway products and urban rail equipment certification, and has a clear legal status. The state stipulates that all enterprises that supply waterproof coils for high-speed rail, railway, rail transit and related projects must be forced to pass the CRCC certification.
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