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PVC Waterproof sheet equipment
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Brand: GWELL 
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 PVC, CPE waterproof roll material, wide floor leather production line uses: used for all kinds of roof waterproofing in industry and construction industry, Basements, reservoirs, dams, highway tunnels, railway tunnels, air-raid shelters, grain depots, garbage plants, wastewater treatment and other building waterproofing works. 

CPE waterproof membrane is made of chlorinated polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adding a variety of chemical auxiliaries and processed by mixing, extrusion and vulcanization. 

The production line has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, and can be configured with different equipment components according to the requirements of customers, which can be used to produce single-layer and multi-layer composite products, and can also add unwinding devices to produce internal reinforced products or surface composite non-woven fabrics.
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