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PE sheet product line
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Brand: GWELL 
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update time: 2021-03-28 01:00  Valid to:Long-term effective
In 2015, domestic PC raw materials broke the foreign monopoly, and the production capacity and output were increased rapidly, which further stimulated the market demand of PC products. In recent years, PC sheet has been widely used in building materials industry, automotive industry, electronic and electrical appliances, medical, aerospace and optical lens and other fields. However, at present, the supply of PC sheet is insufficient due to the high demand in the market and the limitation of production equipment, resulting in high cost and market price. And at present, the domestic PC plates are small specification products, and there is no large and wide PC board in the market, so its application in some fields is limited. In order to solve the above problems, our company independently developed and designed and produced a 5100mm PC plate production line. The equipment production line adopts single screw extruder, the structure is simple and reliable, and the technology is mature. The plate produced has excellent light transmittance, weather resistance, insulation and impact resistance. The production line applies a number of R & D patented technologies. From raw material drying system, vacuum automatic feeding system, closed-loop extrusion regulation system, automatic temperature control system, casting equipment, cooling transfer system, real-time on-line monitoring system, double-sided high efficiency film coating device, Fully automatic two-way reciprocating dust-free cutting system, Large coil diameter automatic rewinding equipment and electrical multi-protection system. The anti-interference programmable logic control system can respond to feedback in real time and accurately, and ensure that the equipment of each area block can run efficiently and stably. The self-designed interlock protection logic circuit greatly improves the security of the equipment. In the case of an emergency, it can ensure the safety of the operator. The whole equipment has strong reliability, good stability, high degree of automation, simple operation and excellent finished product. The high efficiency of the production line greatly reduces the cost of the product, makes it possible for PC sheet to be used in the field of large width and long size, and fills the gap in the domestic market.While reaching the international advanced level, the price is much lower than the imported equipment, which broadens a new way for the development of domestic PC plate related products. 

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