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Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD.

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 Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD.


Main Product: vacuum contactors/vacuum circuit breakers/vacuum interrupters and related accessories.

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Brand: JUCRO 
Price: Negotiable 
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Delivery time: From the date of payment from the buyer within days of delivery
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Detailed product description:

The vacuum contactor is mainly used in the power system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage 12kV, for making or breaking circuit and to make electromagnetic starter with suitable protective device and F-C switchgear.


Working condition:

1) Altitude should not be over 1,000m;

2) Ambient temperature: -5~40°C;

3) Average temperature in 24 hour not exceed 35°C;

4) When the highest temperature is 40°C, the relative humidity should not be higher than 50%;

5) Pollution degree: class 3


.Main models and technical parameters

Rated voltage: 12 KV

Control voltage: 220/110/380

Rated current: 160A, 250A, 400A, 630A

Clearance: 5±0.5 mm

Over travel: 2±0.2 mm

Pressure: >85N

Main circuit power frequency withstand voltage: 42000 v

Auxiliary circuit power frequency withstand voltage: 2500 v

Control circuit power frequency withstand voltage: 2000 v

Making capacity: 10Ie,100 times

Breaking capacity: 8Ie,25 times

Limit opening current(A): 10Ie

Overload: 8Ie,10 s

Mechanism life: 1 million times

Weight: 30KG

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