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Finer Air Casters Co.,ltd.

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Air Bearing Casters , air casters, air moving skates, air rigging systems, Air film transporters, air pads for moving equipment, Air Cushions

  Finer Air Casters Co.,ltd.


Main Product:Air Bearing Casters,air casters,air moving skates,air rigging systems

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Air caster
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 Air caster rigging systems will protect your floor when moving works, and will protect your equipment too with no shake.

Heavy duty air caster widely used on epoxy floor or other expensive floors. 

Air moving system working life is more than ten years, which means lower cost for your material handling and moving works. And easy to handle with no special training, via compress air as power source, no environment polluted. 

Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD. Our company have been produce air bearing rigging system for more than 20 years, and the market feedback that one air bearing caster can use for more than 10 years with no matter.

Air bearing caster moving heavy duty loads flexibly and cost-effective. Regarding air rigging system price list and instruction and more information, please feel free contact us.

Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD  




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