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Nanjing Tuo de warehousing equipment Co., Ltd.

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 Nanjing Tuo de warehousing equipment Co., Ltd.


Main Product:Steel tray, steel material box, stacking rack, shelf

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Warehouse shelf
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Warehouse shelf
The cross beam rack and hook design is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and the shelf height is adjustable. The cross beam shelf is suitable for warehousing, logistics and distribution centers, and is suitable for warehouses with large inventory. It is the most commonly used storage method in all walks of life. The weight can reach 5000 kg. It has the advantages of simple and beautiful overall, high safety factor, fast access speed of cross beam type shelf, space saving for cross beam type shelf, and high storage capacity. The column can be as high as 6 meters, and the surface is treated by acid washing, phosphating and electrostatic spraying. It has antirust and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for large warehouses. The weight of each layer is 1 tons -4.5 tons.
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