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Shenzhen UPSEN Electric Co., Ltd

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 Shenzhen UPSEN Electric Co., Ltd


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Online Double Conversion UPS
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Brand: UPSEN 
Price: Negotiable 
Total supply:
Delivery time: From the date of payment from the buyer within days of delivery
update time: 2023-06-11 01:00  Valid to:Long-term effective
 380/400/415VAC 50HZ 60HZ online double conversion UPS with isolation transformer
Model:Low Frequency Online UPS Legend Strar Series LS33 10K-80K(3Ph in/3Ph out)

Key Features
1:Active input power factor correction (PFC)
2:DSP technology guarantees high reliability
3:Advanced battery charging management
4:Control designed to withstand all kinds of loads                                
5:Intelligent battery management to prolong battery lifecycle  
6:Highly reliability with the sixth generation IGBT and high speed static switch  
7:Effectively restrain the input THD, raise UPS input power factor, reduces the input THD current       8:UPS system modularization design, N+X redundancy, hot plug online and promotion dilatancy           9:Power module double DSP controller disposing, module independent control, and '0' single point failure risk    
10:Touch screen display, with the simple operation and Intuitive data, optional display language and logo 11:Intelligent self-diagnose function, all kinds of fault protection, large capability of history record storage 12:When mains failure, can directly use the battery to start the ups until the battery discharge to low voltage, when mains recover, can self start UPS.
Data center, Industrial equipment, Financial and Securities,Sensitive Electronic Equipment,Wind Power System,Production Equipment,Military,Medical Systems,Network,Instrumentation Large Data rooms, cars, Army Technology, trailers ,transportation industry,Medical Systems, etc.

Technical Specification
                                                 LS33 Series 10K - 80Kva
MODEL 10K 20K 30K  40K 60K 80K
CAPACITY 10KVA/        8KW 20KVA/ 16KW
30KVA/ 24KW

40KVA/ 32KW
60KVA/ 48KW 80KVA/ 64KW
Nominal Voltage 3 x 380VAC/400VAC (3Ph + N)
Acceptable Voltage Range 305VAC ~ 460VAC
Frequency 46-54Hz or 56-64Hz
Nominal Voltage 3 x 380VAC/400VAC (3Ph + N)
Precision Stationary: ±1%
 Transitory: ±5% (load variations 100-0-100%)
Frequency 50/60 Hz synchronised ±1 %
With mains absent ±0.1 Hz
Max. Synchronisation Speed ±1 Hz/s
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDv) <2% (Linear Load)
<5% (Non-linear Load)
Phase Displacement 120º ±1% (balanced load)
120º ±2% (imbalances 50% of the load)
Dynamic Recovery Time 1 cycle at 98 % of the static value
Admissible Overload 110% for 10min; 150% for 60sec ; >160% for 200ms
Admissible Crest Factor 3:1
Admissible Power Factor 0.6~1 (inductive or capacitive)
Imbalance Output Voltage @ 100% Unbalanced Load <1%
Current Limit High overload, short-circuit: RMS Voltage Limit
 High Crest-Factor current: Peak Voltage Limit
Type Solid state
Voltage 3 x 380VAC/400VAC (3Ph + N)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Activation Criterion Microprocessor control
Transfer Time Zero
Admissible Overload 150% for 1 hour; 180% for 30sec; >200% for 200ms
Transfer to Bypass Immediate, for overloads above 160%
Retransfer Automatic after alarm clear
Type Without interruption
Voltage 3 x 400V (3Ph + N)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Overall Efficiency Line Mode 90% 91% 92% 93%
Battery Mode 90% 91% 93% 93%
Battery Type and Numbers 12VDC x 16 pcs 12VDC x 32 pcs (29~32 pcs adjustable)
Nominal Battery Voltage 192 VDC 384 VDC (Based on 32pcs batteries)
Charging Method CC/CV
Precision  ±1%
Charging Current Max.: 40 A
Charging Voltage 216 VDC 432 VDC (Based on 32pcs batteries)
Dimensions, D x W x H(mm) 656 x 405 x 817 656 x 405 x 941 840 x 432 x 1140 975 x 554 x 1286
Net Weight (Kgs) 180 205 295 330 451 519
* Product specifications are subject to change without further notice
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