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Main Product:zinc oxide adhesive plaster|Surgical Tapes|wound plaster|Healing plaster|wound dressing|sports bandage

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Non Woven Tape
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Brand: ru ri 
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Delivery time: From the date of payment from the buyer within days of delivery
update time: 2017-09-21 14:25  Valid to:Long-term effective
 1. Permissibility: Air can come in and out freely to keep skin's normal breath.

2. Low sensitivity: No irritation to skin and reduction of patient's pain.

3. Moderate viscosity: The tape can be bound firmly and no injury to skin when removing.

Performance and characteristic

1. Transparent allows monitoring the insertion site without the need to remove the plaster.

2. Non-woven adhesive tape of permeability make the skin breathe naturally,and excrete water,air and sweat,and also reduce the chance of infection.

3. Hypoallergenic and proper viscosity for reliable fixation,not to irritate and hurt the skin or adhere hair when remove the plaster.

4. Gentle and thinner material for improved conformance to body contours and allowing a total liberty of movements.

Range of apply:

1. Fix infusion needle and infusion lines.

2. Used for wrapping the wound, fixing the dressing.

3. Used for fixing the Hemodialysis tube.

How To Use

1. Keep the skin clean and dry. Then defer to the necessary length to rip breaks the right amount adhesive tape.

2. Stick smoothly and steadily, pulling from center to side is to avoid the tension which will injure the body.

3. After sticking,press back and forth to give the most effect of adhesive.

4. For secure and reliable fixation of dressing and infusion lines, one side of surgical tape over entire dressing must more than 2.5cm to stick the skin.

Caution: Sterile, single use only,sterility guaranteed unless package is damaged.

Forbid strictly directly stick to the infected tape site and wound.

The skin allergy please obey the doctor's advice.

Our advantage

1. Competitive price, fast delivery and Excellent service.Sample free, shipping cost beared by importer

2. Strict standard and high quality with CE, FDA, ISO. Rich experience for many years.

3. Good working environment and stable production capacity. OEM is ok.

4. Prompt reply, we can reply your inquiry within 24 hours.

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