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Main Product:zinc oxide adhesive plaster|Surgical Tapes|wound plaster|Healing plaster|wound dressing|sports bandage

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Silk Tape
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1. Good permeability for air and waterproof

2. Sawtooth edge, easy to tear up

3. Silk tape have good adhesive ability

4. Durable adhesive performance when fixing

5. Tooth shape can prevent break fiber appearing on both sides

6. Soft and comfortable, hypoallergenic


1. Comfortable on sticking and no hurt to the skin.

2. The silk is ventilator; do not stop skin breath&sweating function.

3. Low irritability by using state of art technology to manufacture tapes. And harmless to human skin of body.

4. Powerful adhesion for wrapping and fixing of medical treatment. Suitable to any healing conditions and body position. Do not require cleaning the residual glue after tape removed.

5. The silk tape is reliable and used to protect the body joint and ligament, ECT.


1. Silk tape apply to clean and dry skin;

2. When adhesive, please gently press the adhesive tape from center to the two sides,

3. Silk tape making it closely combine the skin;

4. Please don't adhere the center of adhesive tape to the wound.

Instruction for use:

1. Owning advantages of excellent application, softness and comfort, air permeability, Low irritability and no damage on skin, in addition to applying to surgical fastening Dressing and light-weight catheter

2. It more applies to fastening of nursing wound After large-area operation, for instance, gauze fastening, binding fastening after Surgical operations, fastening of light-weight catheter, transfusion pipe, plaster or Other medical dressing as well as other general fastening

3. Caution:Sterile, single use only, sterility guaranteed unless package is damaged.

Forbid strictly directly stick to the infected tape site and wound.

4. The skin allergy please obeys the doctor's advice.

How to Use

1. Keep the skin clean and dry. Then defer to the necessary length to rip breaks the right amount adhesive tape.

2. Stick smoothly and steadily, pulling from center to side is to avoid the tension which will injure the body.

3. After sticking, press back and forth to give the most effect of adhesive.

4. For secure and reliable fixation of dressing and infusion lines, one side of surgical tape over entire dressing must more than 2.5cm to stick the skin.

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