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Main Product:zinc oxide adhesive plaster|Surgical Tapes|wound plaster|Healing plaster|wound dressing|sports bandage

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Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster
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1. Zinc oxide adhesive plaster has a strong viscosity, good compliance, no residue. This tape is easy to store, storage for a long time, easy to use. Variety of styles, more types of color selection, complete specifications.

2. Cut edge: Keep your energy for the sport and don't fight with your tape roll!

3. No glue residual: we use a unique mix of zinc & oxide glue that melted at a magic temperature creates the optimal adherence without leaving a residue. you won't get any glue residue. superior tackiness and unwinds like a charm: so easy to handle, our tape protect injured areas and with its stable stickiness, it helps prevent sprains with superior support.

4. Breathable and risk free for your skin: Made from 100% vegetal cotton fiber, the tape let your skin breathe.


1. Zinc oxide adhesive plaster widely used to fasten the dressing or catheter in surgical operation

2. Also served for sports and labor protection

3. Fixed and reliable, strong applicability, easy to use.

Product description

Colour: White/skin(various colors are available)

Size: 1.25cmx5m, 2.5cmx5m, 5cmx5m, 7.5cmx5m, 10cmx5m, 15cmx5m

Packing: Tinned plate tin, plastic tin and paper sleeve tin. Also, it can be cut into saw-tooth pattern.

Advantage: Use in all active sports and medicine to help prevent injuries or speed up recovery

CE/FDA/ISO13485 certification.

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