Woven Gabion Basket

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Product Detail

Description:Galfan and PVC woven gabion baskets with flexible and robust structure, are generally used as gravity retaining wall, channel lining and hydraulic structures, etc


Product detail: 

Woven Gabion Baskets - Flexible, Durable & Versatile

woven gabion basket refers to a rectangular box with high strength lying its double and triple twist hexagonal steel mesh fabric made form galfan wire or PVC wire. Filled with stone, woven gabion baskets form a monolithic mass structure that can withstand rough movements without any integrity loss. Meanwhile, they are more durable than welded gabion baskets, thus, they are successfully applied to various rough conditions. Such as they can be used for desert gabion, gabion groynes, gabion channel etc.

A woven gabion basket filled with rocks is hoist by large crane system
WOG-01: Woven gabion basket


  • Robust & flexible structure
    Woven gabion baskets have robust and flexible structure which enable them to prevent unraveling effectively and withstand forced from water and earth masses. In addition, they accommodate different settlements such as unstable soil conditions or areas where the going gets rough. Meanwhile, all their edges are reinforced by heavy wire selvedge for added strength.
  • Excellent permeability.
    Woven gabion baskets feature excellent permeability of the front face, which allows for great drainage of backfill to dissipate hydrostatic pressure forced upon the gabion wall.
  • High versatility.
    Woven gabion baskets can be stacked to create a retaining wall with vertical, sloping or stepped front face based on the requirements of your project. Meanwhile, woven gabion baskets can be mounted combining various plants for enhanced strength and more pleasing appearance.
  • Long lifespan
    All of our woven gabion baskets are heavily galvanized, Zn-Al alloy plated with optional PVC coating to resistant against corrosion and maximum their lifespan. Normally, our galfan gabion and PVC gabion can last up to 120 years based on different exposure conditions.


  • Gravity retaining wall.
  • Channel linings.
  • Earth reinforcing structures.
  • Hydraulic structures.
  • Outfall structures.
  • Coastal embankment works.
  • Dams and culverts.
  • Slope paving and weirs.
  • Stream, river and canal training works.
  • Erosion protection.
  • Roadway and bridge protection.
Woven gabion baskets filled with rocks are installed along a river to protect the soil from erosion.
WOG-02: Woven gabion baskets, combined with plants, are ideal for soil retaining and erosion protection.

Materials: high quality steel wire. 
Anti-rust treatments:

  • Heavy galvanization.
  • Zinc coating plus PVC coating.
  • 95% Zinc + 5% Al alloy coating (also named galfan coating).
  • 95% Zinc + 5% Al alloy coating plus PVC coating.

Colors: any color is available upon your request. 
Opening: 80mm × 100mm. 
Standards: BS 8002. 
Available minimal rock size: dense and durable stone from 100mm to 250mm.

A galvanized woven gabion basket is placed on the floor.
WOG-03: Woven gabion basket is heavily galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance
Several woven gabion baskets are packed in bundles and placed in the storehouse.
WOG-04: Woven gabion baskets are flat packed for easy handling and transportation.
Woven gabion basket specification
Code Height Width Length Cells
WOGB-1 1' 3'-3" 6'-6" 1
WOGB-2 1' 3'-3" 9'-9" 2
WOGB-3 1' 3'-3" 13'-1" 3
WOGB-4 1'-6" 3'-3" 6'-6" 1
WOGB-5 1'-6" 3'-3" 9'-9" 2
WOGB-6 1'-6" 3'-3" 13'-1" 3
WOGB-7 1'-6" 6'-6" 19'-6" 3
WOGB-8 3'-3" 3'-3" 6'-6" 1
WOGB-9 3'-3" 3'-3" 9'-9" 2
WOGB-10 3'-3" 3'-3" 13'-1" 3

The gabions and revet mattresses are manufactured with all components mechanically connected at the product machine, except for mattress lid. Therefor all the gabions and revet mattresses are supplied in collapsed form, either folded and bundled or rolled together for convenient shipping and handling. Bases and lids are packed in separate bundles, lacing wire is shipped in 0.60 (2 ft.) diameter coils, fasteners are shipped in boxes, preformed stiffeners are shipped in bundles.

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