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Myanmar Market

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Tips:First is to committed privatizationPrivatization was start from agriculture. It is reported that the Myanmar rice plant
 First is to committed privatization

Privatization was start from agriculture. It is reported that the Myanmar rice plant production industry is under the transmition from state-run to the privatization process. Most of the state-owned rice processing enterprises have been transferred to private in auction. Because the rice exports and the domestic sales was operated by the private sector itself.So the state-owned rice processing enterprises will be transferred to private. Myanmar has 68 state-owned rice processing enterprises, 80% of which has been transferred to the domestic private in auction.

Burmese officials said, the government also plans to sell a large number of major assets, including 250 state-owned gas stations as well as the ports which is deal with a large part of the country's trade. The Myanmar government also plans to sell some of the factories, theater and warehouse, and may intend to sell the country's international airlines as well as other assets.

Myanmar also allows a number of private companies signed a hydropower project on a BOT basis. On December 29, 2009, the Myanmar HTOO signed a MOU on Sai Duoji and Taka two hydroelectric projects with first Ministry of Electric Power.The two power plants were based in the BOT. On Sai Duoji power station installed capacity of 64,000 kilowatts, will be built to meet the Mandalay electricity. In recently, private companies, signed the BOT power plant agreement with Myanmar electrical Ministry reached 8 or9 companies.

Currently,there are a large shortfall of electricity in Myanmar,expecially when it came into the dry season. From December 2009,excpet the capital Naypyidaw,the other areas were start to supply electricity by fragment bu time. Since December 3rd Yangon is divided into three fragments to  supply electricity.

There are 33 hydropower stations were under construction in Myanmar, with a total installed capacity of 30,390,500 kilowatts, there are would be 10 more to build,which the installed capacity would be 4.058 million kilowatts. After all power plants would have been built, it would have a total installed capacity of 36,704,400 kilowatts. Is expected in the nearly future, the people of Myanmar can use electricity 24 hours ,and the factory can run 24-hours.

Further loss on import trade policy

On January 7, 2010, the Deputy Minister of Myanmar Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development led a delegation to attend the celebration of the establishment of free trade zone "China - ASEAN Free Trade Area forum” which China held in Nanning. The Deputy Minister said: the establishment of the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area will greatly promote the development areas within this large market,it will be benefic to both sides, and welcome for it. Since January 2009, according to the 2004 implementation of the Early Harvest Program, Myanmar have tax reduce on 597 kinds of impoet goods, and made the provisions of goods an  services achieve a zero tariff.

It is reported that kyat which is uesd for trade in the border crossings in Myanmar and China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Laos and other countries for settlement is appreciation. The main reason for the appreciation of the kyat is the stable of Myanmar economic. At present, the global financial crisis led to the international economic recession, increased unemployment, bank failures, the company went bankrupt. Myanmar with a rich resources, as well as agricultural products, vegetables and fruits, aquatic products, fish and shrimp good foundation, the economic situation is stable compared to other countries,that’s the main reason for the appreciation of the kyat.


Robust growth in exports

According to the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce said in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, more than eight months of the first of the year, the Myanmar general trade exports reached $ 4.3 billion. It is expected that Myanmar's total exports to reach $ 6 billion in 2009-2010 fiscal year,.

According to the news released by the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce, from January to November 2009, the Myanmar border crossings border trade amounted to $ 1.1 billion, of which exports 500 million U.S. dollars, and imports of $ 600 million. The border trade volume, the Myanmar-China border trade amounted to 8.6 billion U.S. dollars, the Thai-Myanmar border trade amounted to $ 230 million, Burma and India border trade amounted to $ 11 million, the Myanmar-Bangladesh border trade amounted to $ 15 million. The Burmese border crossings both cross-border trade and general trade trade, 80% of the total border trade in January-November 2009 through the completion of the general trade, border trade accounted for only 18% of the total.

Tourism continues to heat up

The Myanmar Hotels Association Chairman Wu Qinrui said at the annual meeting in Yangon Division,in 2010, international tourists travel to Myanmar will reach 100 million people, but the number of hotels in Myanmar are also unable to accommodate so many visitors. The current the number of hotels now have to start preparing. Visitors to Laos and Cambodia this year would be reach to 200-250 million people, Burma would achieve the scale in 2013. He said that sometime in response to the many people at the same time coming, and also requires the development of a new class of places such as the Ethnic Village in Yangon.

Myanmar is rich in tourism resources, following the 2008 selected "ASEAN Ten green city", the city of Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar the 7th Weekly reported on April 2, 2009: The Seven Wonders of the World Organization website disclosure, Myanmar's natural assets Dan old regional Islands is listed as 2009 World Seven Wonders of the list of 261 candidates. Mergui Archipelago is said the original ecological Islands only in the world, crystal clear waters, rich in bird's nest, and many of the world's only underwater rare animals. The indigenous inhabitants of the island "Sloan" have a lifeman is an integral part of sea.It is the Holy Land for tourism and scientific investigation.

Myanmar's Bagan have also been listed as one of the wonders of world famous man-made tourist, which is ranking sixth. Yangon Ruide Gong Shwedagon Pagoda was listed as one of the cultural heritage of the world's seven major.


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