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Myanmar Investment

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Tips:MyanmarInvestmentA. Preferential provisions of the Law on Foreign Investment1, all productivity and service enterprises,
 Myanmar Investment

A. Preferential provisions of the Law on Foreign Investment

1, all productivity and service enterprises, since the opening of the first year, exempted from income tax for three years.And tax could still be cuts,according to its contribution to the country .

2, Using the profits gained in a year to invest could have its income tax cuts.

3, The Foreign Investment Committee can have foreign-funded enterprises tax cuts, which according to the provisions that the proportion of profit can be taxed after deductions depreciation of machinery and equipment, site and enterprise office equipment;

4, Products of productive enterprise which are sold abroad can halved their profits taxes;

5, Investors are obliged to pay income tax for enterprises to employ foreign staff, this tax can be deducted from tax;

6, The tax which just said can be levied on a Myanmar citizen income tax rate;

7, If it is the expenses that domestic scientific research and development projects really need. The tax should be allowed to deducted from the payable tax;

8, After enjoy the first income tax relief, if the enterprises does have a loss in continuous two years, then starting from the losses of the year for three consecutive years,it can be permitted to be carried forward and offset;

9, During the business start-up period,if it does need imported machinery and equipment, instruments, machinery, spare parts and office supplies, tariffs or other internal taxes or both tax relief herein are exempt;

10 During the first 3 years of the enterprise which has just been setup,can have tariff or other domestic tax reduce for the imports of raw materials required.


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