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Cambodia Market

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Tips:MarketThe Asian Development Bank predicted Cambodia's economy will grow by 5% in 2001, will grow by 6% in 2002. After an
The Asian Development Bank predicted Cambodia's economy will grow by 5% in 2001, will grow by 6% in 2002. After analyized its economic base and social conditions ,Cambodian government believes that it is possible to achieve high economic growth in the next twenty or thirty years. During the Second National Congress which was held in 2001, the Prime Minister of Cambodian government, Hun Sen said: "Cambodia has entered the best period of economic development.” Cambodian government has a series of preferential policies to encourage foreign investor to invest on land leases ,set up factories, trade, taxation, and other aspects. Cambodia has become a new hot spot for investment.

    The import and export tariffs in Cambodia is low,which is between the range of 7-35%, pay 9% income tax after five years and may be extended to eight years for loss-making enterprises. Cambodia has fertile land, with good climate. If you invest in agriculture,you can lease land from the state for 70-90 years . You can use U.S. dollar in Cambodia, foreign currency can be freely converted and carry without unrestricted; bank funds is ensured,and there is only 48 hours to send money from Cambodia to China , and you can use a letter of credit. The bank deposit interest rate for dollar is 8%.

   after the reform and opening up ,there is a influx of a large number of Chinese businessmen came to Cambodia, the country has set off a wave of Chinese hot. Compared with the several Cambodian surrounding countries, Mandarin is the most popular in Cambodia.There is not a lot language difficulties. Cambodian Chinese and overseas Chinese are very active and can be used as the bridge for Chinese businessmen to communicate and do business there.

1,Cambodia country has around 80% of the raw materials and finished products rely on imports. Enterprises can export products or go there to set up factories. The last few years, the Cambodian industry has a rapid economic development, but the foundation is weak, the categories is monotonous, most plant machinery is aging, lack of raw materials, and  technological backwardness.

2, Cambodia has a large demonds of sugar each year, but it can not produce sugar. It will have greater economic benefits,if you establish a small sugar mills in Cambodia.

3, Cambodia's fisheries resources are abundant, but the fishing techniques, equipment and fish processing technology and equipment are very backward. Entrepreneurs can use fishing techniques and equipment, fish processing technology and equipment to cooperate with the Cambodian side.

4, Cambodia, water pipes,cess-pipes, wire conduits are rely on imports. The PVC pipe production process was simple with the investment which is not high. The rate of return is substantial.

5, Cambodian civilian electrical goods are rely on imports, such as wires, electrical switches and other types of small household appliances. In addition, the high technology content of various products, such as various types of electronic anti-theft system, electronic identification systems in Cambodia are also very popular.

6,The taste and yield of crude salt production in Cambodia grade have a certain influence in Southeast Asia. However, the Salt Processing is blank.

7The food industry in Cambodia is tantamount to "zero", but consumption is in constant growth. Instant noodles, biscuits, candy basically rely on imports.

8, The lack of electric power and the expensive costs is a big problem for Cambodia.It has a prospect to develop the solar power, wind power, etc. equipment ,which is suitable for Cambodia's national conditions and could be used by couontryside. It can also take advantage of the diesel generator set power to sale regional electricity to residential zone.

9, Cambodia is an agricultural country. By the the implementation of projecst, the use of technology, seed, equipment you can explore the agricultural market and gain a good economic benefits.

10, The service industry in Cambodia is growing rapidly. Commercial retail are all vendors style of small-scale, small batch operations. Larger shopping malls can be built or opened in Phnom Penh.

11, The financial industry in Cambodia is the industry,which involved most least. State law allows foreign entrepreneurs ,the financiers to set up banks, insurance companies, securities companies and other financial industry in Cambodia.

12, Cambodia has the world famous Buddhist shrine - Angkor Wat, which can attract more than 20,000 foreign tourists a month. The tourism market has a great potential.

13 With the accelerating of the infrastructure construction in Cambodian, contract projects also will be increased.

14, Natural gas and oil is a "treasure trove" of Cambodia. There are several large-scale transnational enterprise exploitated the oil and natural gas in Cambodia. However, Cambodia lack people who work in the upstream,mediumstean and downstream industry in this field. It is also do not have a local refinery.


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