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Singapore Opportunities

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Tips:Business opportunityTravel shoes has business chance in Singapore According to the International Enterprise Singapore, i
 Business opportunity

Travel shoes has business chance in Singapore

According to the International Enterprise Singapore, in 2002 Singapore mainly import travel shoes and sports shoes from 23 nations of world. Among them, China is the largest import country, which amounts to $17380000, which is 45% of total imports. Next is Vietnam which imports amounts to $11680000.

Since Singapore is like in summer all year around, people needs in footwear do not affected by seasons. There are still three big brand-name sports shoes —— Nike, Addidas and Reebok in Singapore market.

Singapore is one of the largest container port in the world.

According to reports, Singapore are planning to build five new berths, container handling capacity will be a year from the current twenty million TEUs, grew into two to twenty-four million TEUs. This is an obvious action that Singapore bulids berth, expansion capacity in recent years. According to the estimate, in 2011, Southeast Asia whole area need to increase one hundred and twenty container berths to cope with the area in the freight industry growth need. On these grounds, The current expansion plans for Singapore harbor is only a beginning. The future development, especially in the development of the port, the pace will be more great.

Singapore provides business opportunities for high-tech enterprises

" GlobalEntrepolis@Singapore " is a places specifically for Multi-National Corporation, entrepreneur and venture investors to trade, commerce and seek new partners and new markets trading. It is a place for exchange ideas and knowledge, explore new technology, as well as to seek cooperation partners, capital assembly. This exhibition aims to attract 10000 participants including well-known entrepreneurs, innovators, venture investors and senior administrative personnel, Which approximately 40% of them from the United States, Europe, Japan, China, India and the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore is to expand biological pharmaceutical business

The Singapore government will set up a Science and Technology Transfer Office to help scientists pay attention to apply patent and turn the market potential of biomedical research concepts or achievements into business opportunities. Singapore vice premier Chen Qingyan expressed a few days ago that the Singapore biological medical research council is responsible for the establishment of the Science and Technology Transfer Office, and they will with universities, hospitals, and specialist research center and research institute to identificate and confirm prohects which have commercial potential in these research institutions. They will assist them to apply for a patent, develop potential business opportunities. Biological medical research council will employ responsible person from the British. It will provide free intellectual property consulting and patent application service for Singapore National Science and Technology Council funded research institutes and scientific research projects,.

Chen Qingyan points out that the government actively encourages public and private research community doing innovation research in the basic science, applied science and clinical medicine and other aspects.

No matter how creative the invention is. If do not be developed, its value will be limitted. In many cases, it requires business expert to put knowledge into valuable items for economny and human races.

Information comes from CIA wordfacts ,WIKIUS Embassy China Embassy and so on.


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