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Philippine Opportunities

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Tips:OpportunitiesPhilippines is rich in resources。It is rich in mineral resources such as nickel, copper, aluminum, ferroch

    Philippines is rich in resourcesIt is rich in mineral resources such as nickel, copper, aluminum, ferrochrome, fishery resources and tropical fruits, and other resources, the Philippines is no doubt a fertile land.

    In terms of infrastructure, the Philippines is an urgent need for the construction and renovation of urban infrastructure. From the streets of Manila, the city rail, cultural centers, highways, roads and bridges, the residents houses mostly are archaic. It was introduced that these facilities are built in the seventies of the last century. The accumulated demand is enormous.

    The main planting rice and corn production in Philippines are very low. The outlook is very great that there is over one million tons per year demand in Philippines.

    The Philippines is an island nation with more than seven thousand islands, which is rich in fishery resources.However,because the technology, equipment, is backward, the country's aquatic needed imports. Philippines has tropical scenery more natural scene.It has a huge potential development in tourism.

    The Philippines is count as one of the very best cocoanut shell producing country in the world.Its coconut shell processing industry has great potential for development. Some Chinese companies imported coconut shell production of activated carbon from Japan, $ 1,800 per ton. In addition, Japan, Australia imported the coconut fiber slag which is processing into a brick shape from the Philippines. Invest processing of coconut shell products in Philippines can be exported to other countries. Philippine coconut industry is not been well developed.  If the enterprises invest from coconut planting to start with,from the establishment of coconut, copra, coconut oil, coconut meal to stop supporting production of coir fiber, activated carbon, fiber slag, that the benefits will be very impressive.

    Philippine’s population is growing fast. The demand for all kinds of medicine was a steady growth trend. But the Philippine pharmaceutical manufacturing industry was very weak, traditionally it mainly imported drugs from Europe and the United States. The contradiction between spending power and expensive pharmaceutical products price is very shape.Now it is seeking new lower prices, the performance of the sources of imported products to meet the needs of the market .

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