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Philippine Investment

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Tips:The investment and trade policy of PhilippinesInvestment preferential policies on the Philippine Economic Zone(1) Enterp
 The investment and trade policy of Philippines

Investment preferential policies on the Philippine Economic Zone

  (1) Enterprise can have a four-year income tax exemption period, which can be extended to up to eight years. After the end of the tax exemption period, enterprise can choose to pay 5% of the gross income tax (GROSS INCOME TAX), instead of all national (central) and local taxes, of which 3% turned over to the central government, 2% turned over to the local finance;

  (2) imports of capital goods (equipment), spare parts, accessories, raw materials, breeding stock or breeding with genetic material, shall be exempt from import duties and other taxes. Similar items, such as purchasing products in the Philippines, to enjoy the tax credit (TAX CREDIT), which means  pay the taxes at first when the products are exported and then return (including the part translation levy of import duties);

  (3) It has been approved that 30% of the production of products is allowed to sale in the Philippines,and should be taxed according to the domestic tax laws;

  (4) exemption from the Pier taxes and export taxes;

  (5) to give the investors who invest more than $ 150,000 of the initial investment and their spouses and minor children (under 21 years of age) permanent residence status in the economic zone, they can freely enter and leave the economic zone, and withnot appling for other departments.

  (6) to simplify import and export procedures;

  (7) Allow to the employ foreign employees,and can deal with continued work visa for foreign managers and technical staff for the two years, but the number of expatriate employees can not exceed 5% of the total employees;

  (8)Half of the costs for staff training and improving management capacity can be deducted from the 3% tax to be handed over to the Central Government; in addition, whether offer other preferential treatment given E.O.226 is PEZA’s decision.

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