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Brunei Opportunities

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Tips:OpportunitiesBrunei is the third largest oil produce country in Southeast Asia and the fourth largest produce counrtry o
Brunei is the third largest oil produce country in Southeast Asia and the fourth largest produce counrtry of liquefied natural gas in the world. Brunei domestic economic is stable. The government plans to build Brunei as the growth center of services, trade and tourism in the East of ASEAN. The government regulate that there is tax free for operators’ individual income tax and capital gains tax and there is also no limits and tax for profit remittance.
The Brunei government has preferential policies to encourage inveating in the advanced industry.
There are tax free for advanced industries in import plant material, machinery, as well as the production of raw materials ( as long as Brunei does not have), but exemptions tax Brunei industrial and main resources listed 10 major industry, and the industrial products, can get tax concessions.
They are: aircraft of various types of food, cement, all kinds of pharmaceutical manufacturing, aluminum walls and other decorative products, manufacturing and award with various iron and steel, steel strip, mainly to provide oil and other industrial chemical products ( such as antirust agent, bactericide, cleaning agents and various cleaning agents), the repair ship and maintenance, tissue paper, napkins, all kinds of clothing, all kinds of canned, bottled or packaged in products such as beverage.
Brunei in agriculture development highlights include
Poultry, vegetables, fruit, medicinal plants, rice, flowers, livestock ( cattle, mainly sheep ), coffee planting, animal feed; other fishing; deep-sea box fish, aquaculture, fish processing industry; Forestry: plantation, Ueto, three, of wood, plywood furniture processing.
Brunei industrial underdevelopment, the government actively promotes the non petroleum and natural gas industry development
1, Brunei lack of labor and technical workers, which helps enterprises to contract construction projects, labor export.
2, Brunei is a tourist destination, which facilitates both business cooperation in tourism development.
3, Brunei and ASEAN in the new, horse, peaceful, Indonesian, Philippine has implemented 7 free trade policies, which is helpful for enterprise and wealthier Brunei entrepreneurs in the company, the products sold in the country, especially the Brunei Malay and Indonesian Eastern Asia abut the unitary East broad area, market depth large.
4, household appliances, electronic products and spare parts, chemical equipment and products, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, building materials, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, textiles and knitwear, clothing and other raw materials in Brunei has a broad market.

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