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Laos Opportunities

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Tips:Opportunities Agriculture:Laos has excellent land which is coupled with favorable climatic conditions. It is suitable f


Laos has excellent land which is coupled with favorable climatic conditions. It is suitable for agricultural cultivation.And alse it is suitable for coffee, cotton, sugar, fruits, vegetables, flowers and gardening.


Light manufacturing:

    The low cost of energy and human resources attracts investors to be manufactured for the domestic market (motorcycles, consumer goods) and international markets (textile, clothing, handicrafts).

Increases in disposable income and a slowly expanding middle class mean that the

consumer and services sectors are likely to experience continued growth in the future. 

The power sector is open to foreign investment, with many international firms

represented.  Hydropower, coal, and transmission infrastructure will be the focus of

increasing investment by the GOL as it develops its power industry.

Laos has a very poorly developed infrastructure with virtually no rail, few decent

roadways, and underdeveloped medical, water and sewage systems.  The GOL is

likely to make investments in these areas in coming years in keeping with its ambitious

goal of graduating from Least Developed Country status by 2020. 

The minerals and mining sector is a major driver of growth in Laos.  Commodities

prices in recent years have favored Lao gold and copper producers.  Other mineral

resources include bauxite and potash. 

The Lao government has targeted tourism, especially ecotourism, as a major area of

future growth.  The government has designated 2012 as “Visit Laos Year”. 

It can be said, from the daily life of clothing and footwear, plastic products, cleaning supplies, women's supplies, kitchen supplies, to the production of building materials, machinery and equipment, agricultural products, the vast majority of goods is required in Laos.

    Laos is an agricultural country, walking tractor, diesel engine, rice husker , threshers, agriculture truck, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. are all have great potential

 Laos is very rich in water resources, enterprises can export hydropower equipment and undertake a hydropower project in Laos.

    Laos is to develop the building materials industry, food industry, wood processing industry and the paper industry, garment industry ect.. Machinery and equipment which is inexpensive can export to Laos or cooperation with the Laos enterprises to set up factories.

    Laos also encourage foreign businessmen to go open shopping malls, hotels, restaurants. There are plenty of opportunities in Laos.


Information comes from CIA wordfacts ,WIKIUS Embassy China Embassy and so on.

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