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3 Steps to Place an Order
 A contract can set out the parties' rights and obligations and the liabilities for breach of contract and if that is the case, it will help lower risks when dispute happens. Need to indicate that the following information is the minimum info that is commonly in a trading transaction. The parties should have any terms as they consider appropriate.
Complete contract/performa invoice can lower the risk when dispute happened, just follow below 3 steps with one easy option (Only applicable for express)
Step 1.Below 1-11 is required. Check each item with supplier and complete it.
1. Seller’s name and address
2. Buyer’s name and address
3. Buyer’s reference
4. Items quoted
5. Prices of items: per unit and extended totals
6. Weights and dimensions of quoted products (Product Photos are also welcome)
7. Discounts, if applicable
8. Terms of sale or Inco term used (include delivery point)
9. Terms of payment
10. Estimated shipping date
11. Validity date
12. Arbitration terms
Step 2.Be sure to make a final confirmation.
Let both sides sign/stamp it, keep the confirmation correspondences records
Step 3.Dont forget to make a phone call.
Call supplier's office according to the internal site's phone number information, to make sure you are not making a PI with a scammer or an identity theft. 

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