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Be Cautious of Asia Supplier Identity Theft
 Case Description:
One of our buyers sent an email to Chinaaseantrade service team. It said: "I have received a quotation in my email; the sender said his company was a Asia Supplier. I knew Asia Supplier members are verified, so it gave me confidence in this transaction and I paid 30% deposit to buy the Ipods he provided. But after the payment, I didn't receive my Ipods, nor get any response from them. Their contact person, Tony Yang just seemed to ignore my emails.  Please help me contact this company to either get a refund of my payment or send the items I paid for."
After checking with the Asia Supplier member mentioned by this buyer, the Tony Yang in this case wasn't an employee of this company at all. The so-called "Tony Yang"  was a fraudster posing as a verified company’s representative to de-fraud innocent people on our website.
Be cautious of this type of fraud.  
To avoid a similar situation, please adhere to the following advice:
1. Make your own investigation before dealing with your potential partner. Use the company name they provided to search to find the company's website.
2. Compare the products listed on the company website. If they are in entirely different categories, for example; the company usually sells shoes but the offer you received is an Ipod, it might be a signal of fraud.
3. Contact the company on Chinaaseantrade directly and confirm with them whether the person contacting you is really from their company or not. 
4. Or you can send email to the Chinaaseantrade service team; they will help you verify the contact person. 

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